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The Kona Green Faucet concept

The Kona Ozone faucet combines a sleek elegant design with the powerful biocidal function of Ozonised water. With it’s integrated Ozone generator, Kona gives you an instant unlimited supply of sanitizer that is strong enough to kill 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses on contact, yet is perfectly safe to humans and can be applied directly to food to prolong it’s freshness. After a short period of time Ozonised water breaks down into Water + Oxygen and leaves no chemical residues. Kona Ozone Faucets require no consumables (except the 4 way filter water model) and the Ozone generator consumes only 6W of electricity. Elegant, powerful, environmentally friendly and safe; this is the Kona Green Faucet concept!


Kill 99.99% bacteria & viruses

Ozone is known to be the most effective anti-microbial disinfectant on earth. It disinfects and sterilizes by killing bacteria and viruses on contact.

Improves oral & skin hygiene

Ozone water promotes healthier looking skin by keeping it germ free and reduces the instances of skin conditions such as spots and acne. It also helps to prevent tooth decay.

Neutralises pesticides

Ozone water can be directly applied to fresh food and removes most agricultural chemical residues and pesticides from fruit and vegetables.

Frees food from toxins & keeps freshness

Ozonised water kills all known pathogens that cause food poisoning. It keeps produce and food fresh up to three times longer by killing the micro-organisms that cause food to decay.

The power of Ozonised Water.

Innovation in a faucet

This short video introduces just a few of the ways in which the Kona Green Faucet can be used in the home. There are many more ways to benefit from having an instant and unlimited supply of Ozonised Water, on tap!

Choose Your Favorite Style

There are Kona Green Faucets to suit every application. From the washroom basin to the kitchen sink, from commercial applications in hotels, bars, restaurants to workplaces and schools we have the faucet for you. See Our Products page for a full range of Kona Green Faucet models.

4 way Kitchen


3 way Basin


3 Way Kitchen


Ozone Sensor Faucet


New Elegant Designs

We have a Green Faucet to suit your kitchen.

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Kona Ozone is easy to install on your kitchen sink, basin sink or work surface.Just connect the water and plug in the power supply by yourself or get it done by your local plumbing or kitchen company.

Germ-Free Living

Live well and 99.99% germ-free with the safe and powerful sanitizing function and the environmental benefits of Kona Ozone Water in your home.

Live a healthier life starting today!

Rid your home of 99.9% bacteria through your tap.