About Ozone

What is Ozone?


What makes Ozone so effective is its high oxidation potential. Ozone is about five times more oxidizing than oxygen and about twice as oxidizing as chlorine. Ozone has a well-documented kill rate of microorganisms such as fungus, bacteria and viruses.


Pure water and disinfection processes are essential in food preparation and the quality of the water determines the quality of the product. The challenge is to ensure a consistently high water quality to ensure a consistent product quality. With Ozone the natural taste and smell of the water is preserved. Chemical free disinfection of food processing equipment is another challenge, where Ozone is an efficient alternative. The Kona Ozone system provides a cost effective and reliable solution to these challenges in your household and in commercial facilities.


 By washing under ozonized water for a few seconds you can,

Kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact. Ozone is FDA approved for direct food contact applications. These include all common food pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis-A, Legionella, Listeria and Shigella.

Delay the food decay processes. Ozone keeps agricultural products fresh for up to three times longer by killing micro-organisms that cause food spoilage.

Reduce the use of hot water and chemical sanitisers to save daily operational costs. The Kona Green Faucet requires no consumables and uses just 6W of electricity.

Remove agricultural chemical residues and pesticides on vegetables, salad and fruit.

Kill bacteria on all food surfaces including fruits, vegetables, sea food and meat. Not only does this make food safer to consume, it also stays fresher for longer.

Remove unpleasant taste from tap water. The 4 way kitchen faucet gives you both Ozonized and Filtered water on tap.

What Is Ozone? How Does it Work?

Ozone is known to be the most effective anti- microbial disinfectant on earth. It disinfects and sterilises by killing all the bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with. Ozone is more than 100 times stronger, reacts 3,000 times faster, and is much more effective in killing bacteria and viruses than chlorine. Although chlorine is widely used today for water treatment in most countries, it is also highly toxic, detrimental to the environment and it’s use can create carcinogenic by-products.

Ozone is a naturally occurring element. We all know that the air contains Oxygen and that Oxygen is O2, which means two Oxygen atoms joined together to form a molecule. Ozone is also Oxygen but it is O3 – there are three Oxygen atoms joined together. This process occurs naturally when there is a thunderstorm because the lightning ionizes the Oxygen in the air, and this is what causes the distinctive fresh air smell after a storm. The Kona Ozone generator uses the same principle of passing electricity through the air to generate Ozone.

Unlike chlorine, Ozone does not leave unwanted chemical residues in the water. Chlorine water treatment involves adding toxic chemicals into the water whereas the Kona Faucet merely adds Ozone to the water. Ozone is a very energetic and unstable molecule and it wants to react with everything it comes into contact with, such as bacteria and viruses. In the process the extra Oxygen atom is released and the results of this reaction are dead bacteria and oxygen O2! Ozone actually destroys the DNA in microorganisms so they can never become resistant to it.

Even left alone, Ozone will break down in the water after about 15 minutes and release oxygen which dissipates into the air without producing any chemical residues whatsoever. This is why Ozone is the world’s most powerful sanitizing agent and also the most environmentally friendly.