Air Freshener

Simply fill a spray bottle or mister from the Kona Ozone faucet. You can now use Ozone Water to remove repugnant odours from toilets and bathrooms, odours caused from cooking, and odours such as ‘pet smells’ elsewhere in the home. Spray Ozone Water directly onto toilets, sinks and baths, it will sanitise everything it touches. Spray a fine mist of Ozone Water into the air, not only will this sanitise any surface where it settles, it will also freshen the air. Normal chemical cleaners and air fresheners will simply mask bad odours, they will not tackle the root cause of the problem. The odours are caused by organic molecules in the air. Ozone Water attacks these organic compounds in much the same way that it attacks micro-organisms, it breaks down the chemical bonds and destroys the actual cause of the bad smell. After 10-15 minutes the Ozone Water in your spray bottle will revert back to normal tap water. Simply pour any remnants away and refill from your Ozone faucet. You can also fill buckets to pour down drains, it will deal with the bad smell and is harmless to the environment. After all you have an instant unlimited supply on-tap!