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Ozone is Mother Nature’s all-natural anti-microbial disinfectant. It occurs naturally and kills 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses

Ozone is known to be the most effective anti- microbial disinfectant on earth. It disinfects and sterilises by killing all the bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with. Ozone is more than 100 times stronger, reacts 3,000 times faster, and is much more effective in killing bacteria and viruses than chlorine. Although chlorine is widely used today for water treatment in most countries, it is also highly toxic and detrimental to the environment.

Unlike chlorine, Ozone does not leave unwanted chemical residues in the water. Chlorine water treatment involves adding toxic chemicals into the water whereas the Kona Ozone System merely adds ozone (a totally natural element) into the water. Ozone will eventually dissolve in the water as oxygen and dissipate into the air without any chemical residues whatsoever.

Food chemical poisoning is mainly caused by agro-chemical remnants. Among all pesticides in common use, organo-phosphates account for a large percentage. People who consume these often exhibit several symptoms: dyspnea (shortage of breath), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and excessive phlegm within minutes; these symptoms may disappear after an hour. Agro-chemical remnants can cause acute poisoning, while consuming small amounts over a long time might result in chronic poisoning, especially for farmers, vegetarians and agro-chemical factory workers. In other words, pesticides can cause life-threatening conditions after long exposure.

Research also shows pesticides can affect the brain, personality and even behavior. Cerebral cortex research indicates an internal relationship between these disorders and pesticide poisoning. Pesticides such as Dimethoate will cause body deformation and may cause cancer.

Agro-chemicals are widely used in modern intensive farming and it is becoming a big challenge to avoid consuming agro-chemical remnants.

Pesticides have chemical structures, which are similar to bacteria and fungi.  Ozone breaks down these structures and damages the carbon chain bonds. This causes the agro-chemicals to decompose into CO2, H2O and other harmless substances. Test results show that Kona Ozone Water can remove a high percentage of pesticides from fresh food in seconds.

Ozone reacts 3000 times faster than Chlorine and 30 times than Cresol extract when eliminating bacteria. Ozone penetrates the microorganism’s cell membranes and kills them by destroying their RNA and DNA. By penetrating into bacteria and damaging the protein layers destruction occurs within seconds and there is no possibility for bacteria to develop resistance or tolerance to Ozone.

Bacteria and Viruses are invisible to the naked eye so how do we know that ozone is so effective? This is where science comes to our rescue. Clinical testing and SGS test results prove that Ozonized water is highly effective, 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (including e. coli and salmonella) are eliminated in a few seconds.

Without Ozone disinfection, good cells will sacrifice themselves while fighting against bacteria. Priority should be given to eliminating the bacteria that endangers our health. By quickly reducing the amount of bacteria we are exposed to, we also lower the possibility of infection and disease. Though Ozone will also destroy probiotics, more good cells will be produced by the body to replace those that are lost.

Ozone is very effective at removing dirt just like eliminating bacteria. By washing with ozonized water, dirt, dust and other materials will be removed. This will deeply clean your skin and make it smooth.

Yes! Tinea pedis is caused by dermatophytes. Ozonized water is able to inhibit dermatophytes and other fungi. It is also effective for treating fungal nail disease and  eliminating foot odour.

It is recommended to drink after boiling or leave it standing for 15 minutes until the ozone reverts back to oxygen.

No! Ozone is a safe and effective drinking water solution declared by FDA. It produces no chemical residues and it doesn’t cause environmental pollution. Unlike many other chemical cleaning agents, Ozone beaks down into oxygen in a short time and causes nothing to threaten to our environment.  In addition the use of Ozone cut’s down on the production, transport and use of hazardous chemical sanitizers, and also reduces the amount of plastic waste produced.

This is why many scientists recommend Ozone and call it the»eco-friendly element.»


Yes! Using Ozonized water to clean baby bottles and feeding implements keeps them free from bacteria and is perfectly safe for your baby. Use it to sanitize toys, teethers and rattles too.  Anything your baby or toddler may put in their mouth can be easily and safely sanitized with Ozonized water.

No! Water from Kona’s Ozone faucet will not cause skin ageing On the contrary, it will make skin look younger, smoother and softer. It also eliminates bacteria on the body surface and helps blood vessels supply fresh oxygen, improves blood circulation, increases metabolism and slows down the skin ageing process.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are organic, during the natural decay process they release ethylene which causes them to rot. Ozone oxidizes the ethylene and causes it to break down, which means fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for longer.

Rinsing fresh produce under Ozone Water also destroys all the surface bacteria and moulds, which extends the freshness of the food.

Ozone has been used in water treatment for decades, It is an essential part of the bottled water industry and the EU has widely approved the use of Ozone for many years.

Many other countries like the U.S. or Taiwan have also approved Ozone as a legal water solution.

FDA high standard certification secures the safety of the Kona Ozone faucet regarding the amount of Ozone released into the air while in use.

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