Other Applications

There are many more ways you can use Ozone water in the home and garden

Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Ozone water neutralizes the surface micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to decay. Ozone destroys the ethylene gases produced naturally during the aging and decay of plants. It also helps reduce algae, fungus, mildew, spores and root rot. During the oxidation of micro-organisms by Ozone, extra Oxygen is created, which helps flowers retain their freshness longer. Florists and nurseries will experience the benefits of longer shelf-life and better plants by using Ozonised water.

Clean Laundry and Bedding

Place linens in plastic bag under the Ozone nozzle for just a few minutes. It’s so simple! Use the ozone water to wash clothes at the last lavation, to remove germs and chemicals impurities. It also deodorizes and brightens clothes. Ozone works by oxidizing and breaking down stains and odours. Ozone water can also be used for sanitizing bedding, baby’s clothes and smelly socks.

Natural and Chemical Free Cleanser

Ozone water can sometimes be substituted for the harsh and dangerous cleansing chemicals that affect our environment and as a result improve the environment because it is not a pollutant. Ozone is much less of a danger than regular household bleach and many other chemicals found in the average home. Unlike bleach or chlorine, Ozone water is perfectly safe and natural when used as a cleanser or disinfectant.

Home Gardening

Houseplants love it! Ozone water can restrain plant diseases and insect pests, thus preventing root decay and extending the blooming period. Watering plants with Ozone water keeps them healthier, promotes growth and raises the pH of the soil. Ozone also helps increase the oxygen and the nitrogen content making the plants fresher and longer lasting. It also reduces the odours that fungus infected plants produce.

Pet Hygiene

Ozone water is non-toxic and good for washing animals. It dissipates rapidly and leaves behind pure oxygen after oxidizing germs, chemicals impurities, and odours. Washing with ozone water, in addition to detergent, can enhance the sanitizing power, thereby reducing the use of chemicals and still have the effectiveness of removing germs and odours. This is a tremendous benefit to kennels or veterinarians wishing to maintain proper hygiene.


Ozone will destroy all the bacteria and algae in a fish tank, and does not have any harmful effects whatsoever on the fish inhabiting the tank. Ozone does not produce any chemical residues or harmful by-products. It will simply revert to oxygen after destroying the microbes. Ozone will also increase the dissolved oxygen level of the water. As a result, the fish will be healthier, and the water will be clearer. Ozone will also save you money, while avoiding the harmful residues left behind from chemical cleaners.

Air Freshener

Simply fill a spray bottle or mister from the Kona Ozone faucet. You can now use Ozone Water to remove repugnant odours from toilets and bathrooms, odours caused from cooking, and odours such as ‘pet smells’ elsewhere in the home. Spray Ozone Water directly onto toilets, sinks and baths, it will sanitise everything it touches. Spray a fine mist of Ozone Water into the air, not only will this sanitise any surface where it settles, it will also freshen the air. Normal chemical cleaners and air fresheners will simply mask bad odours, they will not tackle the root cause of the problem. The odours are caused by organic molecules in the air. Ozone Water attacks these organic compounds in much the same way that it attacks micro-organisms, it breaks down the chemical bonds and destroys the actual cause of the bad smell. After 10-15 minutes the Ozone Water in your spray bottle will revert back to normal tap water. Simply pour any remnants away and refill from your Ozone faucet. You can also fill buckets to mop floors or pour down smelly drains, it will deal with the bad smell and is harmless to the environment. After all you have an instant unlimited supply on-tap!