Pets And Gardens


Pet and grooming shops, Florists and plant nurseries can all benefit from Ozone Water

Pet and grooming shops can use ozone water to:

  • Clean and sanitise shop spaces and animal enclosures for a bacteria-free environment.
  • Bathe and groom domestic pets such as dogs and cats:

a.To disinfect pets.

b.To remove fur odours.

c.To reduce skin, dental, ear and eye diseases.

d. To sanitise food and food preparation areas.

Florists and plant nurseries can use ozone water to:

  • Destroy the micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to decay and wilt.
  • Prolong the life of plants and cut flowers by eliminating ethylene gas that is naturally produced through the normal ageing and decaying processes.
  • Reduce the growth of algae, fungi, mildew, spores and root rots on plants.
  • Generate better monetary returns by yielding stronger plants and extending the shelf life of cut flowers.