Sipure Ozone Water Disinfection System is designed for the commercial or residential kitchen to improve the food safety and effectiveness of people’s hygiene. It perfectly reflects the combination of ideal and practicality. You can use this system in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you like.  This is a cost effective way to get all the advantages of Ozone Water without the expense of replacing your existing faucet. It is highly suited to applications such as commercial kitchens and compatible with the foot operated faucets that are commonly used in these locations.

The Sipure add-on Ozone generator can be mounted above or below the existing faucet and attaches to the tap by replacing the original aerator.  It is supplied complete with an adapter to suit the thread of your faucet so you can be assured it will be compatible with any internally or externally threaded tap. We have a range of thread adapters available on request.

The Sipure add-on is very easy to install by anyone with even the most basic DIY knowledge, or of course you can ask a local plumber to do the job for you.

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